Innovations and Opportunities

SIGCSE 2022 Affiliated Event by the SIGCSE Committee on Computing Education in Liberal Arts Colleges

# _Curricluar Innovation Title_

## _Institution Name_
Contributed by _Name_, _Email address_

_Please limit your contribution to about two pages, or 700-1000 words._

## Institutional and departmental context
- Location:
- Undergraduate student body size: _N_ students
- Degree(s) offered:
- Department/major name:
- Number of contributing faculty: _N_ FTE
- Number of majors annually: _N_ majors
- Does the department offer any graduate programs?
- Other context:

## Description of Curricular Innovation

_Provide a narrative description of your innovation._

_This may include full curriculum models, individual courses, outreach
programs, co-curricular programs, or other interdisciplinary or liberal
arts focused educational initiatives. Submissions describing innovations
that leverage particular opportunities or challenges presented by the
liberal arts context, show potential for adoption, or for broadening
participation are encouraged._

## Challenges/Limitations

_Describe any challenges or limitations:_
  - _you are facing in using or implementing your innovation._
  - _that others would face in adopting your innovation._