Innovations and Opportunities

SIGCSE 2022 Affiliated Event by the SIGCSE Committee on Computing Education in Liberal Arts Colleges

# _Unconference Topic_

Contributed by _Name_, _Email address_, _Affiliation_
Additional contributors (if any):

_Please limit your contribution to about two pages, or 700-1000 words._

## Brief summary of topic
_Describe your topic and address its relevance to the Liberal Arts
Computing Education Community_

## Description of session structure
_Give enough detail to assure that the 2.5 hours allocated can be well
used, but leaving flexibility for participants to help shape the session
is fine._

## Space or resource considerations
_Indicate any resource considerations, if participants will need a
laptop, etc._

## Ideal Audience for Session
_Who do you envision being most interested in this session
(e.g. someone teaching HCI, department chairs,...)_

## Intended Outcomes or Products
_What artifacts will be able to be shared with the community?
These will be linked to through the committee webspace._