Innovations and Opportunitiesin Liberal Arts Computing Education

Innovations and Opportunities
in Liberal Arts Computing Education

A SIGCSE 2023 affiliated event organized by members of the SIGCSE Committee on Computing Education in Liberal Arts Colleges.

This event builds on directions and priorities identified at our prior SIGCSE events:

Organized by members of the SIGCSE Committee on Computing Education in Liberal Arts Colleges, this Affiliated Event will promote connection and collaboration within the liberal arts computing community. This full day event will be split into two sessions. The morning session will focus on topics covering the breadth of opportunities and challenges faced by liberal arts computing educators. These topics may include innovative courses, curricula, or co-curricular programs, DEI initiatives, academic and career advising, faculty recruiting and retention, and other issues as identified to have a specific liberal arts perspective. Topics for discussion will be solicited from the community at large and selected submissions will be presented and discussed at the event, with materials and/or notes added to the Committee’s growing repository of materials. The afternoon session will focus on the ACM/IEEE/AAAI CS2023 draft curriculum model. Members of the Committee will lead a workshop based on a liberal-arts focused process they have developed for curriculum review and revision that balances institutional identity with external guidelines for CS curricula. Feedback from this session will inform both the process under development and the Committee’s advocacy efforts with the ACM/IEEE/AAAI curriculum task force. Throughout the event, sessions will give participants an opportunity to learn about work already taking place within the liberal arts computing community as well as to engage in Q&A and breakout discussions. All interested faculty and students are welcome.

This event will incorporate material presented and refined at the various regional CCSC conferences in 2022 in support of developing a liberal arts based process for curriculum review and revision.

Event Information

Important Dates

Category Date
Submissions Due January 17, 2023
Notifications January 27, 2023
In-Person Event at SIGCSE Wednesday March 15, 2023, 9:00am-5:00pm EST

Rough Event Agenda

This event will be broken into two sessions, each a half day. The morning session will focus on topics submitted by the community at large, as described in the abstract above. Selected submissions will be briefly presented, roughly 5-10 minutes each. Breakout sessions will then be used to allow attendees to discuss these topics in small groups with the presenter and other interested attendees. Depending on the number of submissions and range of topics, the agenda might have all topics presented first and then proceed into two rounds of breakout discussions (to allow participants to focus on more than one topic). Alternatively, we may have two sub-sessions of topics presented followed by a breakout session for just those topics.

The afternoon session will be run as a workshop focused on CS2023 and how liberal arts institutions can use it in their curriculum review and revision process. Attendees will get an overview of CS2023 and the Committee’s involvement in crafting a liberal arts response to the proposed new curriculum guidelines. From there, attendees will be led through the opening stages of a “process workbook” that the Committee has developed that helps programs articulate their identity and make strategic choices about revising their curriculum in the light of CS2023. With CS2023 still in draft form, the focus will be on the early stages of the process workbook, while making some use of the draft content. In addition to helping programs get started on our workbook, the Committee will collect feedback to help improve the process and workbook. Attendees will be given access to updated versions and guidance following the session to allow them to continue the work begun at this session once they return to their institutions.


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